The Journey Continues…

Thanks for joining me! My name is Sarah and this blog is to accompany my families business Proactive Healthcare

My Dad started the business back in 1997 in the beginning the focus was mostly on women and products to support them through menopause. Ten years ago my mum found out she had breast cancer and made the decision after a mastectomy to treat her body naturally, refusing chemo and radiotherapy. She travelled to different places in Europe to have various natural treatments, ate a raw high alkaline diet and used supplements, many of which we now sell. Over the years the business expanded and my Dad’s personal journey through mercury poisoning led him to explore many avenues before he could find what was making him feel so ill. It was this discovery that led him to our most popular brand and best discovery Quicksilver Scientific

I have been on board with the business for over 7 years now. I have learnt about amazing products, had conversations with the most knowledgeable practitioners, doctors and even customers about their journeys through natural healthcare. I learn something new every day from these wonderful people and now want to share some of that knowledge through this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading!

This blog and indeed our web shop is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. All opinions are my own or will be credited and cited to the original author

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


One thought on “The Journey Continues…”

  1. Really interesting – I did a lot of work on mercury and amalgam a few years ago
    Going to read a lot more about that Quicksilver MercProtecr


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